Carpet Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery Cleaning

As you're walking in and out of each room of your home, or up and down the stairs throughout the day, it's easy to overlook how quickly the carpet becomes matted with dirt, oils and dust. But given the concentrated traffic pattern, the carpet in each room requires cleaning as frequently. A thorough vacuuming followed by methodical shampooing or steaming will restore your carpet to like-new condition.

We would start this first thing in the morning before you head out for the day to give the carpet ample time to dry.

Scope of Work:

Step 1: Carpets are vacuumed to remove dirt and open fiber for cleaning.

Step 2: We Apply a stain pretreatment product to any noticeable marks, especially main door entries a because they are more prone to stains.

Step 3: We start the process and apply the soap and water mixture to the tread, cleaning the carpet and go over sections that require more cleaning.

Step 4: Optional: Set box fan to help dry the carpets, to help reduce the wait time of usage.

Please note: Refrain from walking on the carpets until the carpet is completely dry -- between four and 12 hours. Or if necessary place a sheet on carpet areas you need to access.

Depending on Day we would suggest either open windows or turn on heater.

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