Information Sheet

Client Service Form:

Please print out and return; 

Customer Details


Name/Company: _________________________________________________


Phone Number:  _________________________________________________


Email Address: __________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________


Suburb: ____________________________ Post Code __________________


Print Name: ________________________ 

Date ______/______/_______


The Name of someone we can contact if we cannot get in touch with you


Their Phone Number: _____________________________________________

What are the services to be provided? Circle the following


Type of Service: Cleaning    Gardening    Window   Carpets   Gutter   High-Pressure 


How Often: Twice a Week   Weekly   Fortnightly  Other___________


Duration of Service:  2hrs - 2.5hrs - 3hrs - 3.5hrs - 4hrs – Other _________


Day of Regular Service: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


Time of Service:  ________AM ________PM (circle)


Cost of Service: (hourly) Cleaning _______  (hourly) Gardening _______


Commencement of Service:  ____/_____/20____

Other Information:


How will payments be made?

Call The Cleaner Australia will seek payment for their provisions of Service after the Job has been completed. We email you the invoice for the services provided.

Option to pay either by EFT, Cash, or Cheque.

Regular (Invoiced – weekly, fortnightly or Monthly)

Once Off (Invoiced – same day)

How to make Changes to your Service?

Call The Cleaner Australia will need to be advised of the changes that are required by the client.

How to end Service at any time?

Should either party wish to end the service they must give (insert reasonable time period depending on nature of supports e.g 1 week) notice.

Unless specified by both parties, example; Client & Call The Cleaner Australia.

Goods and Service Tax

Call The Cleaner Australia is Registered

Can I trust the cleaner with keys etc?
Yes we offer a safe guard with the keys or alarm codes we receive

Are the Employees insured?
Yes we have Public Liability Insurance Cover.

Can I reschedule the service day?
Yes 24 hour notice

Who supplies the cleaning materials?
We provide our own cleaning products and equipment. (no extra charge)

(Option; client has a preferred product to use please advise)

Can I have the cleaner/gardener if I'm not at home or office?  

Yes, you can have your premises cleaned at any time.

(key or someone to open the door for the cleaner)

(Gardener/Window Cleaner or High-Pressure Cleaner access to premises)  

What if the cleaner can't make it or is sick?  

Option send out another cleaner – reschedule day/time or skip clean.

More information about our Terms & Conditions click on Enquiry tab 

Our Contact Details: 

Administration Officer: Mon – Fri (Business Hours) 8:30am – 5:30pm

Phone Number: 03 9844 8662

Mobile Number: 0402 303 884     

Email Address:

What to do if there is a problem

The contact person(s):

Mersina Galati (Office Manager of Call The Cleaner Australia)

Their email address is:

Frank Galati (Service Manager of Call The Cleaner Australia)

Their email address is:


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